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8:45 PM

Test server open (good old Shaft and Picasso paint)

Today I managed to sneak to Tanki Online "secret" test server! Because I play Tanki Online since spring 2010, visiting the test server is nothing new for me. The idea was to make some screenshots of Smoky XT gun for the article about this long gone tank gun, so all visitors of could make the acquaintance of it. Unfortunately Smoky XT wasn't there anymore, so my joy of logging into the test server was a bit premature. Nevertheless I decided to go all the way from Recruit to Private so I can input a code for experience (since chat is blocked for Recruits):

/addscore 1000000 (you can input any number up to 1000000 for Marshal)

I should say that was tough. I’ve seen many morons before. But the guys who joined my battle this day were really outstanding. The morons who already leveled up were joining battles for low rank players to kill Recruits using M3 weapons and supplies. Those cowardly loosers were even forming alliances! What’s this? Mental disorder? Deprived childhood? So leveling from Recruit to Private took like ages.

Here’s a pic of those Tanki "heroes":

So what’s new on the test server you ask? OK, there’s no Smoky XT on the test server, but there’s an original overpowered Shaft gun, designed in late June 2011. So you can compare it with a new one.

Good old Shaft v.1.0 (long gone)

And there’s a Paint called "Picasso". No resistances, but it costs 100500 crystals. Of course bought it immediately!

Picasso paint worth 100500 crystals

Viking M3 + Smoky M3 + Picasso paint looks like this. Enjoy!

Viking M3 + Smoky M3 + Picasso paint

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