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Daily bonus (Tanki Online - Game Basics)

Daily bonus - Game Basics - Tanki Online - Tankipedia

Want to oppose high-level tankers, donators and druggers? Visit Tanki Online every day, log into the game and collect your free Daily Bonus! You can randomly get supplies, Double Crystal, No-supplies battle pass and even free crystals! The amount of freebies depends on your rank - the higher your rank is, the more free stuff you get! So it's always a great idea to level up before you leave the game (if you're close to level up of course!) This way, tomorrow you'll get more supplies.

If you're not donating into Tanki Online (which is a grave mistake from my personal point of view) than try registering a multiple account (which is absolutely legal, as opposed to most other free online games). This will give you two great opportunities: you'll get a chance to play with different weapons and tanks, which is always fun, and you'll be able to collect Daily Bonuses on both accounts. This means that you'll be able to spend more free supplies during battles and get a marked advantage over your rivals. One time I had five accounts in Tanki Online with a total number of 1,5 million points, and above 1000 of each Double Power, Double Armor and Nitro (to say nothing about First Aid kits and Mines!)

The major drawback of having multiple accounts in Tanki Online is that it will take much more time to become a Marshal. So if you're a donator or you want to become a Marshal as soon as possible, you should have only one account.

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